Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Juniper Research: MNOs can and will Fight Churn with Analytics (MTN, C Spire)

A new report by Keith Breed, Juniper Research finds that ".. Mobile Operators worldwide are set to gain from a significant reduction in churn through the adoption of Big Data and Analytics techniques, equivalent to an increase in revenues of almost $4bn a year by 2018. The report found that the implementation of analytics platforms was enabling operators to anticipate the likelihood of customers to churn, to take preventative action and thereby reduce revenue loss"
  • MTN South Africa, which in 2012 deployed a Big Data programme combining subscriber information and social network analysis to determine priority users and customer networks and subsequently saw annualised churn decline by more than 20 percentage points
  • .. players in more developed markets – such as C Spire Wireless in the US – were increasingly coupling analytics with a customer loyalty programme to improve user retention.
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