Friday, October 18, 2013

EliteCore Integrates Charging, Billing, PCRF, DSC, AAA and Mediation

Elitecore Technologies announces ".. pre-integrated BSS platform comprising online charging, convergent billing, PCRF, DSC, 3GPP AAA and enhanced mediation for LTE networks. It supports gradual migration from existing networks to provide personalized LTE offerings such as shared wallet/family plans, a la carte plans and VoLTE support. The platform also comes with Business Analytics (BI) tool to help the CSPs launch customer-centric loyalty and promotional plans including location-based and device-based plans .. The platform is compliant to TM Forum and 3GPP. Its vendor-agnostic platform help CSPs save cost by reusing the existing network equipment across both DIAMETER and RADIUS .. Elitecore has successfully deployed its integrated BSS platform for LTE network in ME and APAC regions.

Elitecore BSS platform is integrated with packet core, including PCRF to offer tiered fair access policy plans, Policy-based free units, parental controls and enterprise plans along with customer-centric loyalty and promotions such as location-based, device-based add-on promos and targeted promotions based on subscriber ARPU. Its enhanced Web Self-care and POS portals enable customers have services/bundle plans of their choice with easy interface management of Franchisee/ Resellers and Partners".

See "Elitecore Announces LTE-ready, Integrated BSS Platform" - here.

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