Friday, October 4, 2013

[CORR] Sandvine CEO: "Large system integrators are going to become increasingly important to us"; Explains PCRF Business

Based on feedback from Sandvine, the paragraph on IBM below has been corrected :

Sandvine published its Q3 results (see "Sandvine Reports Q3 2013 Results" - here), showing 25% growth in revenues (Y/Y and Q/Q) to $27.2M and net income of $4.7M.

Dave Caputo [pictured], Sandvine CEO provided some additional information during the company's earning call:
  • we won our second customer with IBM. Our joint pipeline is encouraging and we may be able to announce further wins this year. We are also pleased with the progress towards both productization with IBM and expect to complete that process in the coming months .. we won our first customer back with them, back in Q4 2012 and it was in Africa .. they [IBM] are just looking for ways to feed their large data warehouses to help service providers come out with good decisions on how to retain customers and how to generate new services so that they generate new revenue streams with them. So I think it's a bit of the future for Sandvine that large system integrators are going to become increasingly important to us and IBM is a good one to have
  • EMEA and APAC have been driving our revenue growth
  • .. I think the business models for SDN [see "Sandvine Join Juniper's SDN Partnership"- here] and virtualization have still to be written out there and there is some service providers that have focused on CapEx strategy and some of that are focused on OpEx strategies or combination thereof.
  • ..on the PCRF side [see "Sandvine Will Compete on PCRF Projects" - here], the policy control side of things from the software architectures, there are many-many vendors out there that have sold a PCRF. There might be as many 50, 60, 70 vendors and there [here] is a few that have had more success than others particularly [Tekelec] which became Oracle and couple of others have had a little bit more success there, but what we’re seeing is, there is potentially an upgrade cycle that’s already occurring in that space where people have made those decisions two or three years ago. .. We are seeing potential upgrade cycle that’s been driven by our latest offering .. We certainly don’t want slow those guys down and we think we have an upgrade cycle that we should participate in this coming year we've already seen it
See "Sandvine Corp's CEO Discusses Q3 2013 Earnings Call Results - Earnings Call Transcript", by SeekingAlpha, here.

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