Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NSN: "VoIP Applications Create Huge Signaling Load"

Nokia Siemens Networks educates the market and pushes its solution for the mobile signaling problem for long time now, as many operators say it is a major problem both in terms of performance (traffic and long-living sessions) and well as battery draining issue for subscribers. This becomes even more relevant to NSN now, as mobile broadband becomes its main business focus (here).

A new post to the vendors' blog by Gerald Reddig (pictured), Global Marketing Manager, shows how "A European 3G network is benefiting from a 30% signaling traffic reduction, three months after Network Controlled Fast Dormancy (NCFD) was implemented by Nokia Siemens Networks ..  Nokia and Apple decided early on to support NCFD on their smartphones [here], with Blackberry [here] and Android OS device [here] manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson following suit"

",, Standardized in 3GPP Release 8 [see below], Nokia Siemens Networks’ Network Controlled Fast Dormancy or NCFD aids by acting as a more intermediate state: one with less signaling and faster reconnections"

"Nokia Siemens Networks’ Smart Labs [here] tested popular over-the-top (OTT) VoIP applications running on different smartphone operation systems. One of the results was the huge signaling load caused by VoIP applications in non-NCFD enabled smartphones – 600% more signaling traffic"

See "Faster connections, longer-lasting batteries: A fifth of all smartphones now benefit from Network Controlled Fast Dormancy" - here.

See also - "T-Mobile Netherlands Reduces Data Signaling by 30% with NSN Cell_PCH" - here and "SFR Deploys NSN Cell_PCH Optimization Technology" (here)


  1. With the advent of smart phones, it was possible for phones to act like a mini computer. So when Internet Phone technology took the world by storm, it also affected smart phones and now there is a huge store of VoIP soft phone applications on almost all of the Operating systems, Iphone, Symbian and last but not least Android phones. However, main issue is that these applications drain the batteries because these devices constantly alter their state between active and idle when they share information with cellular networks. So NFCD (Network Controlled Fast Dormancy) to a much extent helps in reducing this unwanted affect by remaining in "intermediate state".

  2. A predicitve dialer is designed to predict or rather anticipate when the next representative or agent will be free and when the next hello will be detected.