Monday, September 30, 2013

Marben's Diameter Router Added

My list of Diameter Router products (here) was updated with Marben's DiamX Router an "enabler of a fluid Diameter traffic between the key components of the IMS based network architecture namely HSS, AAA Server, PCRF, OCS on one side and PCEF, MME, PDN Gateway and GGSN on the other side thanks to its combination of DEA and DRA roles .. Marben offers a software solution dedicated to run on any hardware or cloud infrastructure". 


Xavier Gadefait, PLM, Marben, updated me that "Marben has been developing its Diameter expertise since 2004 as first Diameter Stack provider with Traffix [now F5 here and hereand has now references".

Marben also offers a Diameter Gateway- "MARBEN DiamX Gateway solves the Mediation between Diameter based interfaces from EPC or LTE equipment and legacy systems with former protocols (MAP, LDAP, CAMEL) or new platform e.g. OCS or PCRF"

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