Saturday, September 28, 2013

[Analysys Mason]: Voice is Still >50% of Telco Revenues

A new report by Larry Goldman [pictured], Justin van der Lande, Dean Ramsay and Atul Arora, Analysys Mason finds that "The lack of an immediate crisis in voice revenue is delaying the decisions communications service providers (CSPs) need to make in order to optimise a truly data-centric business .. PSTN and mobile voice services’ combined share of total revenue is in decline, but they still accounted for 50.2% of telecoms service revenue worldwide, down from 51.3% in 2011. Overall, mobile services account for 53.4% of total telecoms service revenue. This reflects the strong growth in revenue from high-speed mobile data services, such as 3G and mobile broadband .. Video service revenue grew by 6.4% to reach USD149 billion in 2012".

See "Worldwide telecoms market shares 2012" - here.

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