Monday, September 9, 2013

Citrix Enhances Bytemobile w/Internet Radio Opt, User Experience Indexing, More Protocols

Citrix announced the ".. release of ByteMobile 7 ..  available now for deployment on the T-Series Adaptive Traffic Management System (see "Bytemobile Launches Integrated DPI, Caching, Optimization and NI Solution""- here)

Among the new features: 
  • Internet Radio Optimization: Managing the Mobile Music Boom .. to provide mobile operators with the tools to confront this reality, enabling them to reduce Internet radio traffic volume by up to 30 percent with no perceptible effect on the subscriber listening experience. 
  • User Experience Indexing: Measuring What Subscribers Actually See: Separate scores for web and video experience, each based on a greater number of factors encompassing both content delivery and visual quality; The ability to establish any given subscriber’s absolute UXI score and a relative UXI score, which assesses that user’s experience relative to other users; The ability for operators to ingest, in real-time, per-subscriber UXI scores for use in analysing—and responding to—trends in the individual and collective subscriber experience.
  • Adaptive Optimization: Apply When Needed .. a second generation of adaptive optimization and related capabilities, which include: Video stalling is reduced by up to 30 percent .. The required degree of optimization, if any, for a specific user is predicted based on a running history of factors such as UXI score and available network bandwidth .. File downloads are up to 30 percent faster, with the greatest benefits seen on LTE networks.
  • IP Traffic Classification: A Key Enabler for Consolidation - the T-Series is now able to classify more than 800 different IP applications and protocols representing the full scope of data traffic across the network. These classification abilities give mobile operators all the tools necessary to collapse separate DPI elements into a single adaptive traffic management element.
See "Citrix Supercharges Mobile Subscriber Experience with ByteMobile 7" - here.

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