Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sandvine: "leading edge CSPs around the world are currently working with Sandvine on virtualization pilot projects"

Procera (here) and Allot Communications (here) are not alone in the DPI NFV promise (see also "[Lee Doyle]: "'In the future, we will see virtualized DPI functions'" - here), as Sandvine joins the game.

Don Bowman [pictured], Sandvine's Co-Founder and CTO, presents in post to the company's blog Sandvine and DELL collaboration on SDN and NFV.  Don explains that this has been easy move for Sandvine, due to the decision to use Intel's x86 architecture back in 2001. At that time, other DPI vendors were using propitiatory network processors.

"[SDN and NFV] Standards are still under development, but a number of leading edge CSPs around the world are currently working with Sandvine on virtualization pilot projects in order to help usher in the next generation of networking, and tackle the challenges that come with the introduction of any new architecture.

As part of these pilot projects, Sandvine and Dell OEM Solutions are collaborating on a SDN & NFV solution that combines Sandvine’s industry leading network policy control solution, and its flexibility to apply subscriber-centric services, with Dell’s high performance PowerEdge™ blade server platform .. 

".. When Sandvine started in 2001, it made the decision to design and build exclusively on the Intel x86 processor architecture. In doing so, Sandvine has been able to spend over a decade optimizing our software solutions so that they are the best performing network policy control solution on the market, whether a CSP chooses to run it on our purpose built hardware, or Dell’s industry leading, high-performance hardware.

Additionally, our decision to run on x86 based infrastructure made it incredibly easy to virtualize our products. In fact, much of our current product development and testing is done in a virtualized environment. So, it is an easy transition to migrate Sandvine software and solutions onto Dell’s x86 based hardware platform

See "Sandvine and Dell collaborate on a virtualized SDN architecture" - here.

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