Friday, September 20, 2013

iOS7 Update Traffic was 20% of Total; Crashed College Internet

Apple's iOS 7 update had its effect on the internet, causing increase in broadband traffic and disconnections to universities' campuses:  
  • Dan Deeth brings to Sandvine's blog some stats on Apple's iOS7 update - "below is a report from a single North American fixed access operator, showing both the bandwidth and traffic share that Apple Updates accounted for over the past few days. Upon release at 1PM ET, Apple Updates immediately became almost 20% of total network traffic, and continued to stay above 15% of total traffic into the evening peak hours".

    See "Traffic Spotlight: iOS 7 Launch" - here.

  • Peter Jacobs reports to Business Insider that "Several college campuses have reported that their wifi networks have crashed today and were likely affected by mass downloads of Apple's new iOS 7 operating system". 

    "Ohio University’s Internet access is problematic [see "Ohio University Tries to Block Netflix as 'Internet pipeline is overflowing'" - here] but the Office of Information Technology is working to remedy the situation .. In a university-wide email, students were asked to wait to download iOS 7, Apple’s new software upgrade, to potentially prevent further delays" (here)

    "It looks like iOS 7’s release managed to crash NYU wifi" (here).

    See "iOS 7 Downloads Have Likely Caused Multiple College Campuses To Lose Internet" - here.

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