Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[Survey] Policy Management Shifts From Congestion to Service Plan Management

A recent survey by Graham Finnie, Chief Analyst Heavy Reading (sponsored Volubill, based on responses from 81 individuals at 56 network operators across all regions and types of providers) finds that "network operators’ primary priority has shifted from managing network congestion to offering subscribers more control and higher quality of service (QoS) through enhanced mobile policy offerings, like LTE and self-care dashboards".

Key findings:  
  • 75% of respondents consider introducing new services, price plans and options the primary purpose for policy management technologies in the next two years 
  • 25% of respondents citing the management of network congestion as the priority

    The following percentage numbers refers to the network operators:
  • Approximately 70%  currently enable or plan to enable users to monitor data volume usage via a policy-linked self-care app or dashboard
  • 54% plan to allow customers to change plan options directly via their device. 
  • Nearly 87% are deploying, or plan to deploy, LTE
  • 43% are upgrading or adding capacity to existing policy platforms to accommodate LTE
  • 52% expect to manage WiFi Offload using a policy solution
  • 54% currently, or plan to, use policy control to give certain content or applications priority, and charge subscribers accordingly
See "Heavy Reading Research Reveals Quality of Service a Primary Goal for 75 Percent of Network Operators" - here

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