Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vodafone Egypt Deploys Ericsson Mobile Broadband Charging [for 10M Subs]

After seeing data traffic growing by 94% during the last 4 quarters, Vodafone Egypt is expanding the service flexibility provided to its subscribers.

Ericsson announced that it ".. has been chosen by Vodafone Egypt to deploy Ericsson Mobile Broadband Charging (MBC), which will provide up to 10 million users [Vodafone Egypt is 40M subscribers] with a vast array of data options and more flexible on-demand subscriptions .. This solution, which is being integrated into the operator's existing Ericsson Charging System, gives users the flexibility to utilize the best plan for their needs at any time. Already fully implemented for all Vodafone Egypt's prepaid data users, the system will soon be rolled out for postpaid subscribers - with the total subscriber base expected to top 10 million data users in 2014".

See "Ericsson deploys flexible data charging for Vodafone Egypt" - here.

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