Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ipoque's DPI Engine Used for "Smart Pipe" Small Cell

ipoque announced a "new use case for its DPI to revolutionize consumers’ mobile Internet experience, as presented by Intel Lab’s engineers at Intel Developer Forum 2013 in San Francisco. Intel Lab’s Research Scientists showcased ipoque’s PACE engine, a Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) software library based on sophisticated detection techniques including behavioral and heuristic analysis, integrated into the “Smart Pipe” server used in small cells as a mobile Internet access gateway. The demoed prototype enables network operators to classify Internet traffic at the application level to ensure improved QoE for mobile Voice over IP (VoIP) calls and video streaming.

The “Smart Pipe” allocates all bandwidth available across all networks (WiFi or mobile networks) to these prioritized applications and also enables seamless handover for VoIP calls when connectivity is lost from one of the networks, ensuring the customer’s service is never interrupted

See "New Deep Packet Inspection use case demoed at IDF13 helps small cell manufacturers to revolutionize consumer’s mobile Internet experience" - here.

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