Sunday, September 15, 2013

Elitecore Helps Operators Monetize Wi-Fi (w/Location, Analytics and Revenue Generator)

Elitecore Technologies announced the launch of "Wi-Fi monetization framework comprising: Smart Connectivity ..  simplifies user’s connectivity to Wi-Fi through efficient network discovery, selection and user authentication for both data offload and walk-in users ; Location-specific services -  identify and categorize user locations based on multiple methods to improve operator service capability ; Subscriber Analytics and Revenue Generator – Operators can launch new revenue models through personalized push notification for Wi-Fi using flash advertisements, freebies discount coupons, on-demand events, clicks-on-portal, roaming (iPass, Boingo) and 3G+Wi-Fi plans"

See "Elitecore Introduces “Wi-Fi Monetization Framework” for Telecom Operators" - here.

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