Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sandvine Partners with RADCOM for "true mobility awareness"

In a post I had in early 2012, I presented Sandvine's "Mobility-aware Traffic Management Analytics and Enforcing" (here), quoting Sandvine's CTO saying that "Sandvine interoperates with 3rd party partners, such as RAN-based probes, to get the cell (or sector) handovers updates. Sandvine will expose the partners soon".

So the time has come, and Sandvine announced it has "partnered with RADCOM to deliver the only network policy control products with true mobility awareness. Sandvine’s Fairshare Traffic Management product, integrated with RADCOM’s QiSolve solution, offers a dynamic control system that utilizes real-time subscriber location indicators to precisely maximize network utilization and quality of experience. Sandvine’s empirical data demonstrates that traffic management products without real-time location awareness may “lose” up to 20 percent of users in an hour, and mismanage traffic as a result".

Indeed, most location-aware traffic shaping solutions are only aware of the initial location of the subscriber at connection time and do not support mobility. Therefore they may make the wrong conclusions about cell congestion and do not set the right policies to avoid congestion (or avoid setting the right policies..). 
Nevertheless, similar partnerships were established by RADCOM with PCRF products from Amdocs (here) and HP (here).

Sandvine’s Fairshare Traffic Management product recently measured, using RADCOM’s QiSolve solution, the movement of over 20,000 mobile data subscribers in a major North American city to understand and predict sector-based congestion. Over the course of the hour, roughly 20 percent of users were still engaged in the same data session but had moved to a second cell sector. No two sectors have an identical congestion profile at a moment in time"

See "Sandvine’s Integration With RADCOM Offers Real-Time Mobility Awareness To Manage Mobile Traffic Accurately" - here.

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