Monday, September 16, 2013

Rostelecom Optimizes Video Delivery with Ericsson CDN

Ericsson ("It is about Video" - here) announced that "Rostelecom, Russia's largest telecoms operator and leader in the country's broadband and pay TV markets, has deployed the world's largest operator content delivery network (CDN) - thanks to a solution developed and integrated by Ericsson (See "Ericsson Enhances Operator CDN" here and "Ericsson: 'we will not rely on Akamai technology'" - here)

The CDN design and integration is ground-breaking in terms of both capability and geographic span, with content servers located in 30 major cities across all federal districts of Russia. In addition, the network has a capacity of more than 1 terabit per second serving Rostelecom's 9.5 million broadband customers [see chart below], from a total base of 28 million subscribers"

Source: Rostelecom 2Q2013 Report

Through this pioneering deployment, Rostelecom is addressing the escalating rise in network traffic, the global consumer uptake of online video, and the growing popularity of over-the-top (OTT) services, such as those provided by online movie firms. The new network will enable Russian consumers to enjoy higher video quality and a better user experience with diminished load time and buffering thanks to reduced network latency and increased throughput. This ability to guarantee high-quality content at maximum speeds gives Rostelecom a significant competitive edge".

See "Ericsson deploys world's largest operator CDN for Rostelecom" - here.

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