Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ulticom Enhances DSC with Virtual IP Management, Congestion Management and IPX Hub

Ulticom announced the ".. availability of Release 4.0 of its ..  Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC). Release 4.0 includes three key features: 
  • Virtual IP Management – Mobile Network Operators are reluctant to change or reassign IP Address within their network since it requires additional, costly steps to re-provision other network nodes. With Virtual IP Management, a standard function of the Ulticom DSC, IP Addresses can be permanently assigned so Peers (clients and servers) need only be provisioned once.
  • Congestion Management – The Ulticom DSC employs highly configurable mechanisms to manage signaling traffic congestion for itself and for its associated Peers and Peer Groups.
  • IPX Hub – In Release 4.0, the Ulticom DSC also supports an increasingly important use case – the IPX Hub. The IPX Hub provides core Diameter routing and interworking within the domain of an IPX Provider". 
See "Ulticom Upgrades Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) to Ease Network Configuration Maintenance and Contain Signaling Storms with Advanced Congestion Controls" - here.

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