Friday, November 11, 2011

Allot: 25% of MNOs Have a Transparency Issue with "Unlimited" Service Plans

[Posted on 11/11/11 11:11 EST]
Recently, UK's BCAP (Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice) published a set of guidelines to "bring clarity to advertisers and consumers on the use of "unlimited" and "up to" speed claims in telecommunicatons and broadband ads" (here).

According to the findings of Allot Communications' recent research ("based on data collected from over 100 mobile operators worldwide .. during the third quarter of 2011 from publically available sources"), it is time for everybody to adopt such rules, as "38.5% of all operators sampled offer data plans which are branded Unlimited .. Only 13.5% of operators sampled are currently offering ‘True Unlimited’ plans". 

So - one quarter of operators have a transparency issue - a fundamental component of Net Neutrality 
Allot Communications' inaugural MobileTrends Charging Report also "shows that 35% of operators are already implementing Value-based Charging strategies such as Bill-shock prevention and Social Networking plans that make applications such as Facebook, MySpace & Twitter zero-rated .. 15% of operators sampled charge for tethering, mainly in North America and EMEA [see examples for Verizon and AT&T]".
See "Allot MobileTrends Charging Report Shows 35% of Operators Already Offering Value-Based Charging Plans Such as Toll-Free Facebook" - here (press release) and download the report from here.

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