Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[Update 46: Oracle Launches PCRF] PCRF - DPI Compatibility Matrix

Another big name is now added to the list of PCRF vendors - Oracle. The PCRF-DPI matrix [here] has been updated with the new entrant, as well as other changes occurred recently (M&As, product updates and links housekeeping). 

The software vendor announced "the release of Oracle Communications Policy Controller .. With the solution, CSPs can optimize data usage and ensure a fair allocation of network resources by expanding or contracting bandwidth as appropriate based on customer subscriptions and service aware policies. Specifically, CSPs can distribute bandwidth based on personalized service plans that can be adjusted to consumer preferences – such as separate social media, video streaming and VoIP plans – for a richer customer experience and a greater return on network investments .. enables the enforcement of regulatory requirements, such as bill shock. It also enables customers to set parental controls, which can be customized to each device.

Oracle's PCRF is part of the Oracle Communications Service Delivery product family (see previous posts - here and here). With Amdocs' recent acquisition of Bridgewater, the suggestion for Oracle to buy Amdocs made 18 months ago (here) is now [a bit] less likely to happen.

No information so far regarding supported PCEFs.

See "Oracle Introduces Oracle Communications Policy Controller to Help Service Providers Better Manage the Explosion in Data Usage and Deliver the Highest Quality Customer Experience" - here.

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