Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DPI Announcements: Adax and Qosmos Offer ATCA based DPI Subsystem

The question of "DPI Technology - Make or Buy?" (here) gets another reinforcement towards "buy" with the recent announcement from Adax and Qosmos

The two OEM vendors announced "..  the successful integration of their products .. Qosmos ixEngine Software Development Kit has been integrated into the Adax development platform to provide customers with a fast time to market for their DPI applications. ixEngine's decoding capabilities have been optimised for the industry’s highest performance multi-core processors such as the Cavium Octeon on the Adax PacketRunner and PacketAMC products, which can handle huge traffic volumes at wire speed".

Adax' packet processing sub-systems are ATCA based.

Thibaut Bechetoille (pictured), CEO of Qosmos said: “ .. By deploying our joint technology within their applications, our customers will be able to deliver solutions based on complete, real-time visibility into network traffic, enabling application-level insight into policy and traffic management solutions, charging, Quality of Service (QoS), subscriber analytics and more

See "Adax and Qosmos Offer Integrated Application-Ready DPI Sub-System" - here.

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