Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Allot's CEO [2]: "We wish to acquire a $10M complementary company"

Nir Zelik interviewed Rami Hadar (pictured), Allot Communications' CEO, to the Calcalist news site (here, Hebrew), following Allot's strong Q3 report (here).

Among other things, Mr. Hadar said:
  • While Allot can continue to operate as an independent company, and we do not wish or seek an acquisition, we do get several proposals every year. I bring those to the board of directors; so far we said no to all. This may change in the future ..
  • Some of the proposals we got were from TEMs and routing gear vendors (F5, for example)
  • Our organic growth in the last 2-3 years has been 30-35%, and I wish we can continue at this level, but I like to expedite it with acquisitions
  • We seek a local (Israeli) company, with a complementary technology, over $10M annual revenues, not necessarily profitable. We believe the integration will make us more efficient. We do not have the luxury of staying a niche company

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