Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DPI/Security Deployments [98]: Mobinil [Egypt] Deployed HP Tipping Point to Increase Network Availability

HP announced that "Mobinil, Egypt’s leading wireless service provider, has selected HP TippingPoint solutions to boost network reliability and security for its 30 million customers .. Mobinil selected HP TippingPoint S5100N IPS and HP TippingPoint Core Controller platforms to deliver real-time proactive inline protection for its distributed data centers and network infrastructure".

Source: Mobinil Presentation
Mobinil had over 31M wireless and 240K broadband DSL subscribers at the end of Q3, 2011 (see chart).

".. HP TippingPoint IPS detects and blocks trojans, viruses, worms or any potentially damaging network events that could slow down operations, threaten service quality or cause customer downtime .. By constantly cleaning Mobinil’s networks of malicious and unwanted traffic, HP TippingPoint IPS has improved network performance of mission-critical applications. HP TippingPoint IPS devices form a secure, expandable application platform that allows Mobinil to support future growth. In addition, the HP TippingPoint IPS platform has increased network availability and slashed problem resolution times, creating a more productive IT environment".

TippingPoint was acquired by 3Com in 2005 (here), and became part of HP after the 3Com acquistion in 2009.

The TippingPoint S5100N IPS ".. employs a new TSE [threat suppression engine]to keep pace with the changing threats and evolving demands of today's enterprise networks and data centers. The TSE architecture utilizes custom ASICs and high-performance network processors to perform total packet flow inspection at Layers 2-7, performing thousands of checks on each packet flow simultaneously, and delivering a significant deep-packet inspection capacity increase to support new and future security services".

See "HP Boosts Network Security, Reliability for Egypt’s Leading Mobile Service Operator -
Mobinil protects users against online threats, ensures service levels with HP TippingPoint security solutions" - here.

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