Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quan Management: Why Allot and Procera Grow Faster than Sandvine?

An article by Edward Schneider (pictured, "I am long on Procera"), managing director of Quan Management, reviews the DPI market, main players and forecasts that "The DPI market is expected to grow four-fold from $0.5B this year to $2B in 2015".

As the source is not mentioned, I guess the 2015 forecast refers to the Infonetics Research report on DPI from April - here. Since then Infonetics lowered the forecast to $1.6B - here.  

Allot's DPI Platform
"I spent some time with these three companies [Sandvine, Allot, Procera]. The reason Sandvine (and Cisco) have slower growth and are winning less in the marketplace are their systems are closed. This generally means that to add new services, a customer would have to add more in-line servers, load-balancing, etc. Allot and Procera are able to put this functionality on a single open platform [both are using ATCA, if this is what "Open" menas here], requiring less equipment, less potential points of failure, less power, and less maintenance. Allot has an additional advantage of offering the most features beyond DPI and Policy Enforcement with such services as URL filtering. Procera, however, has a key technological advantage: scalability and performance under high-stress data conditions. For example, Procera's product literature shows a maximum processing speed of 120 Gbps versus 30 Gbps claimed by Allot"
(Note - Allot claims for 160Gbps - here).

See "Deep Packet Inspection: An Interesting Investment Theme" - here.