Friday, November 18, 2011

Everything Everywhere (UK): Operators Need to Optimize Traffic Delivery

Benny Har-Even (pictured) reports to on Sylvan Thevanot's, marketing director for UK network provider Everything Everywhere (the joint T-Mobile and Orange UK operations), presentation during the Broadband Traffic Management Congress earlier this week in London.

Mr. Thevanot called "on all fixed line and mobile operators to get their networks in order in time for the London Olympics due to be held in the UK capital during July and August 2012" and said that "current average usage on its fixed line service was currently around 17GB per user per month and that there was a need for operators to optimise the delivery of traffic on the network due to the increasing costs of delivering services".

"We hope that they will get their act together for the Olympics, as there will be lots of iPlayer and catch up services being used" .

In related news, a recent research by, in the UK, reveals that ".. during the peak period between 7 and 9pm average download speeds are 6.2Mbps. That’s some 35 per cent slower than the fastest average connection speed of 9.6Mbps available between the hours of 2 and 3am when demand is at its lowest .. The problem of slower broadband speeds has been exacerbated by changes in the way people use the internet, with far more people downloading music and watching TV programmes online, inevitably putting more strain on the network.". See "Broadband speeds fall 35% at peak times, survey reveals"- here.

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