Sunday, November 6, 2011

US Net Neutrality: Different Things to Different People -> Lawsuits to Come

Dexter Thillen, Senior Analyst, IHS Global Insight article at RCRWireless says that "Net Neutrality becomes law [here], but lawsuits to come"

"The FCC’s rules point out three major areas of ensuring principles—transparency, no blocking and no unreasonable discrimination—but the issue is sometimes complicated by the use of different terms to define these principles, whether it is open, fair or neutral .. for example, Verizon, whose latest “network optimisation” programme [here] clearly follows the transparency principle—but it also blocks tethering applications on its LTE network despite the licence requirements calling for open access, showing that different interests can occur even within the same organisation"

"There still exists some role for regulators to ensure all services have fair and transparent access, but regulation will never satisfy all the different parties, as their diverging interests are too far apart, but as the Dutch case has proven, consumers might suffer from too draconian regulation as the introduction of the new ruled [here], where no content could be blocked by mobile operators, led to a sharp increase in data prices in the market."

See "Analyst Angle: Net neutrality becomes US law with lawsuits to come" - here.

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