Monday, November 14, 2011

DPI Announcements: Procera Adds a Network Analytics Reporting Facility

Procera Networks announced the "..  availability of PacketLogic Report Studio .. enable network operators to conduct sophisticated analyses on their network traffic for capacity planning, marketing analysis and service planning. Also unique to this solution is that they can turn it immediately into an executive-level, business- and print-ready report. .. PacketLogic Report Studio's sophisticated design and layout engine, however, facilitate the delivery of complex analytics, covering both data gathered by the PacketLogic Intelligence Center and data from external sources, to provide relevant business input to decision makers .. PacketLogic Report Studio is included at no cost with the PacketLogic Intelligence Center and is available now".

"Procera's customers are already using Report Studio to shape their network investments. Example reports that are regularly produced include: Network Usage and Summary Reports, Streaming Video Analysis, Peering Reports and Mobile Device Analytics.

Table 5, extracted from the Netflix example [here], shows usage data with device awareness and QoE ("based on how many packets that are retransmitted to each device due to packet loss in the core and edges of the network")..

See "Procera Unveils Game-Changing PacketLogic™ Report Studio" - here.

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