Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NI Announcements: CommProve Adds Cell, Location and Mobility Intelligence to Policy Management

CommProve announced ".. the launch of its BCN RAN Insight, [application that] collects and processes in real-time measurements from different interfaces of the radio access network (RAN) .. Depending on the network deployment and the desired accuracy different interfaces can be probed: typically Iub/Iups are monitored. DPI measurements provide information concerning application and network level delays, re-transmissions, peak and average throughput, application type breakdown, both at the user-level and at the cell-level .. user mobility is tracked and the actual cells serving the user are saved in a call detail record (CDR), along with all relevant signaling information"

".. This way BCN RAN effectively closes the Policy Control loop in as much as it brings into the picture real-time QoE and location information (including information about which other subscribers are sharing the same network resources) and consequently enables Policy Control solutions to manage QoS and QoE in real-time, per subscriber, perform real-time and service differentiated charging, offer location based services as well as to effectively increase available network resources, again in real-time, through subscriber differentiated control mechanisms"

"BCN RAN Insight is deployed together with partner PCRF and DPI solutions" - see "BroadHop and CommProve Offer Integrated RAN Congestion Management Solution" - here and "CommProve and Qosmos Offer Layer 7 Visibility into Mobile Traffic"- here.

See "CommProve Launches BCN RAN Insight for Real-Time RAN Congestion Management" - here.

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