Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Caching Announcements: Verivue Adds Transparent Caching

The trend of integrated CDN and OTT transparent caching solutions continues. Recently we saw the PeerApp and EdgaCast partnership (here) and Dan Rayurn's call to Akamai to acquire a transparent caching vendor (here) and now Verivue, a CDN solution vendor, announced that "it extended its OneVantage™ content delivery solution with the announcement of a software add-on for Transparent Caching".

Jim Dolce (pictured) , CEO of Verivue said: "With the rapid growth of both managed and unmanaged content, operators are faced with solving both problems independently .. This first-of-a-kind, fully integrated platform consolidates support for both 'over-the-top' and conventional managed content in a comprehensive, software based solution. For the first time, the significant cost savings and enhanced Quality of Experience (QoE) typically associated with Transparent Caches can be combined with the revenue generation and new service benefits of a CDN".

See also Jim's post to the company blog "The Case for Integration" (here) that doesn’t ignore the PeerApp/Edgecast partnership.
See "Verivue Extends OneVantage Carrier CDN Platform with Transparent Caching" - here.

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