Friday, November 18, 2011

Orange Launches an Unlimited Service Facebook Phone

While the French government once said that OTTs should pay for networks usage(here), its biggest carrier, Orange, is now offering new “affordable" phones with un-limited access to Facebook.

Orange announced ".. Three new phones with deep Facebook integration .. simple, affordable, social phones for under €100 to a broader range of customers in more than 15 countries ..  Facebook’s social capabilities run through every feature of these phones, from the camera to contacts with the dedicated ‘F’ key allowing instant uploading and interaction. Orange customers can also purchase these handsets with affordable bundles and tariffs that include unlimited Facebook access without extra data charges".

Compare this to the Movistar Colombia- in which Facebook is a premium service (here) - both MNOs are trying to set a low-cost entry point - Movistar with "old/simple" applications and Orange with a very attractive one. Probably both hoping to see the customers upgrading and using the other services or consume more.

See "Orange launches widest range of exclusive affordable phones with dedicated Facebook® functionality in Africa and Europe" - here.

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