Saturday, November 19, 2011

DPI Deployments[104]: MegaFon[Russia] Uses Huawei (and Cisco and NSN) for Traffic Management

From left: Mr. Dmitry Mikhaylov, MegaFon;
Mr, Mark Newman, Informa;
Mr. Zhou Keke,  Huawei
The "Most Innovative New Service Launch Enabled By Traffic Management" award delivered at the Broadband Traffic Management Congress earlier this week (here) was presented by Informa to Huawei and MegaFon, the second largest operator in Russia.

Huawei issued a press release (here), with more details on the implementation at MegaFon - which goes back to 2008.

The solution provided by Huawei - Mobile Broadband Value Growth Solution (MBB VGS - see chart below) includes ".. charging & service control gateway, optimization & adaptation gateway, PCRF and Rating Engine, provides a solution with refined traffic operation, quicker customization and powerful integration .. Huawei Smart DPI, which identifies over 800 protocols, helps with refined and visualized operation. Powerful and flexible operational control provides powerful and flexible billing service control capabilities to help operators build a network that can operate to enhance the mobile user's ARPU."

"MBB VGS helps operators to set flexible bandwidth for users according to different protocols used by the users, and implements bandwidth control policy by user profile, service protocol, peak hour, URL, connection, accumulated volume or duration, location and terminal type through automatic protocol adaptation. The customization of bandwidth can be done through webpage/video compression, TCP/IP, transportation protocol optimization, P2P and VoIP service restriction. Hot website/video/P2P file can be cached periodically or based on click numbers to avoid re-acquiring data that has already been retrieved and can reduce the traffic from internet by minimizing the bandwidth utilization".

Huawei has a number of solutions that seems alike. See also "Huawei's SMART MBB" - here and "P2P and Video Caching: Huawei iCache Solution" - here.

MegaFon is the only MNO in Russia that operates its own network and provides a range of services throughout the country. It has more than 60M active subscribers and subsidiaries in Tajikistan, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It was announced that MegaFon is also using Cisco's "ASR-5000 for Service Personalization" (here) and Nokia Siemens Network's DPI enabled Flexi-NG (here).

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