Saturday, November 12, 2011

Orange: "[video] Quality of service to the end user is our best differentiator"

Alcatel-Lucent hosted a panel discussion on "how service providers can use multiscreen video to engage their existing subscribers more deeply, differentiate themselves in the market, extend their service reach, and potentially increase their revenues" (here).

One of the panelists was Stéphane Eymard (pictured), Product Line Director at Orange, who said that "Quality of service to the end user is our best differentiator .. multiscreen video also benefits a company like Orange by boosting demand for fixed and mobile broadband .. 90% of bandwidth is now used for video content .. Video is a big reason for people to come to our networks so, as a broadband and mobile operator, we have to help users access that type of content"

As I define "Quality of service" as a policy that serves the business goals of the service provider, I guess that in this case Mr. Eymard was referring to "Quality of Experience" which is what the subscriber receives or perceives as [a positive] quality.

To learn more on FT QoS policies see "FT Orange CEO: "we have to be more efficient in the network management" - here.

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