Saturday, November 12, 2011

US Senate Rejected an Attempt to Kill Net Neutrality

Cecilia Kang reports to the Washington Post that "The Senate upheld Internet access rules known as net neutrality on Thursday, rejecting a move to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s regulations .. The Republican-backed bill to scrap the FCC’s net neutrality rules failed to pass muster in a 46-to-52 vote that fell strictly along party lines"

".. the loss by Senate Republicans gives the FCC some reprieve, but the neutrality rules are being challenged in court. Verizon Communications [see "Verizon Explains its "Network Optimization" Policy" - here] and Metro PCS [see "MetroPCS LTE Service Plans: "Pay to use Applications" - here] have sued the agency, saying the rules go beyond the FCC’s jurisdiction as a communications services regulator. On the other side, Free Press, which supports net neutrality, has also sued the FCC, saying the rules don’t adequately protect wireless consumers"

See "Senate votes against net neutrality killer" - here.

The FCC "Open Internet" (or Net Neutrality) sets rules for transparency, no blocking and no unreasonable discrimination (subject to the " principle of reasonable network management") of internet services and will become effective next Sunday, Nov 20 (more - here).

See also "US Net Neutrality: Different Things to Different People -> Lawsuits to Come" (here).

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