Thursday, November 10, 2011

Optimization Deployments[100]: Isocel Telecom[Benin] Uses DiViNetworks’ [new?] Solution to Reduce International Bandwidth Costs

DiViNetworks announced that Isocel Telecom, the leading wireless ISP in Benin, is fueling its growth with DiViNetworks, global provider of virtual bandwidth, enabling data capacity expansion at fractions of wholesale prices .. By placing a standard server in its premises with DiViNetworks’ software, Isocel is able to expand capacity by 50% Furthermore, DiViNetworks’ unique bandwidth solution enables Isocel to expand bandwidth at any location, regardless of the number of hops and multiple paths data has to travel

Since DiViNetworks' solutions are based on two-sided compression, this seems to be a new solution from the vendor, requiring the customer to install the software on its premises only.

Makes you wonder where is the other side …

See “Isocel Telecom expands uplink bandwidth with DiViNetworks” – here.

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