Friday, January 20, 2012

3UK: New Year's Mobile Traffic Growth: Voice +10%; SMS +28%; Data +471%

While many mobile operators are concerned  that OTT data services will cannibalize their legacy services revenues (see "Study: Majority of MNOs Worried of Revenues Decline due to OTT Applications" - here), 3 UK shows a different view.

Data (unlimited for smartphones in their case) is rising, but traditional services are growing as well at least by the recent statistics, comparing New Year's Eve 2011 to 2010 traffic. 3 seems to be happy with the mix.

"The amount of data Three’s smartphone customers used on New Year’s Eve leapt from 14 terabytes (TBs) in 2010 to a massive 80TBs in 2011. The trend continued through New Year’s Day, with 74TBs used compared to 14TBs the year before .. Traditional mobile traffic grew too, but this growth was hugely outstripped by data. SMS levels grew from 36m on New Year’s Eve 2010, to 46m this year, while calls went from 19m last year to 21m
"Facebook was one of the most popular services as people rung in the New Year, with a 20% jump in traffic between midnight and 1am".

Thomas Malleschitz (pictured), Three’s Marketing Director, said: “.. It also shows just how important data bundles are becoming – and of course the value of plans which offer genuinely All-you-can-eat handset data allowances

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