Friday, January 27, 2012

Announcements: Azuki Helps Service Providers Manage OTT Media

Azuki Systems announced "the next generation OTT video delivery solution framework that seamlessly extends service providers’ managed set-top-box services to multi-screens, at home and on-the-go, with equivalent user experience and zero impact to existing DOCSIS and IPTV infrastructure .. With Azuki, service providers can ensure unmanaged networks behave and perform like managed networks, with no disruption to existing video operations, enabling service providers to capitalize on multi-screens and TV Everywhere initiatives".

Among other features, the solution enhances the power of OTT video delivery by "Dynamically adjusting bandwidth usage so that user count can increase while total bandwidth remains within defined threshold, all while having standard formats and ABR" and "Delivering break-through innovation with Azuki’s connector-based technology, which provides seamless interface to DOCSIS and PCRF policy servers to dynamically monitor and manage traffic peak and network capacity at all times".

See "Azuki powers next generation video delivery solution for service providers" - here.

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