Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sandvine: How Popular was Megaupload?

Matt Tooley, VP of Professional ServicesSandvine, published in the company's blog some statistics on the activity of Megaupload, the filesharing (or backup, if you wish) site that was shut down recently (you can see exactly when in the chart below). 
According to Sandvine, Megaupload - "counts for roughly 1% of total traffic on fixed access networks in North America. Also involved in the shutdown were Megaupload’s affiliate sites, which included MegaVideo, MegaPix, MegaLive, and MegaBox"

As many ISPs consider the traffic to these storage sites the same way they were treating P2P file-sharing traffic (i.e. using DPI/throttling to control it). Sandvine was following the traffic in recent years - "The table below shows the combined usage of Megaupload and MegaVideo on fixed access networks in several regions from our Fall 2011 study" 

There are many other options for file-sharing - so this traffic will soon go to other sites. Sorry for those who were really using the service for backup! 

See "Megaupload Gets Shut Down" - here.

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