Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cache Deployments [118]: Pelephone [Israel] Deployed PeerApp

While I was switching (last week) from Pelephone to a different mobile carrier, here in Israel, (the number was ported in 4 hours!), my old carrier "has deployed PeerApp’s UltraBand transparent caching platform in its network. UltraBand".

According the PeerApp's announcement "UltraBand transparent caching platform helps Pelephone speed content delivery and reduce network load by automatically detecting popular content and delivering it as close as possible to the subscriber".

Shmulik Bachar, PeerApp's VP of Products and Marketing, told me that "Our deployment with Pelephone works on the Gi interface, getting the content closer to the users and providing best quality of experience". Since Pelephone announced recently it has deployed a PCRF system (here), I asked Shmulik if the two systems are connected - the answer was "No PCRF integration".

Motti Alegresi, head of the packet core engineering division at Pelephone, said: “PeerApp’s UltraBand has helped us optimize our network to serve content at top speeds, while saving backbone and transit bandwidth costs”.

Pelephone is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Israel's incumbent carrier, Bezeq. It had 2.9M subscriber at the end of 2011 Q3. Pelephone migrated directly from CDMA to 3.75G/HSPA, with 60% of subscribers now using the new network (see chart).

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