Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bytemobile Update: "Current focus remains unchanged; MNOs will adapt monetization solutions"

In the past few weeks there were certain rumors on Bytemobile. An anonymous comment made to one of my older posts (here) said the company laid off significant percentage of its staff; few days later, in an interview to Phil Goldstein from RCR wireless, a spokesperson for the company confirmed that "the company recently let go of a "very small percentage" of its staff .. the main reason for the changes was "to realign teams to better support the ongoing success of our video and web optimization solutions and the momentum of our adaptive traffic management platform. We are confident that this will result in better alignment with growth opportunities" (see "Bytemobile confirms small number of layoffs" - here).
This comes few months after the company launched its new platform (see "Bytemobile Launches Integrated DPI, Caching, Optimization and NI Solution" - here) presumably let it enter a new domain in traffic management, beyond optimization - the much bigger market of DPI.
So to better understand the current company focus, I checked with Chris Koopmans (pictured), Byte's Chief Operating Officer, who provided the following statement:

"Bytemobile’s current focus remains unchanged – Smart Capacity solutions for mobile network operators.  We plan to continue building our global market footprint in video optimisation and developing market opportunities for Adaptive Traffic Management.  We agree that video optimisation is one of the infrastructure solutions most likely to be adopted by MNOs in 2012 – since video constitutes anywhere from 40% to 60% of the data traffic on mobile networks today.  Furthermore, we believe that MNOs will increasingly adopt solutions that enable them not only to manage traffic but also to monetise it through service differentiation based on quality of experience.  In 2012, we expect to see MNOs’ business rationale for mobile data management expand from cost reduction to revenue growth and profitability". 

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