Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[Survey]: Which Solutions will Gain the Most Traction for Managing Mobile Data?

Chetan Sharma Consulting published the findings of its "2012 Mobile Industry Predictions Survey" (here and ) - ".. Executives, developers, and insiders (n=150) from leading mobile companies and startups from across the value chain and around the world participated to help see what 2012 might bring to keep us on our toes. What makes this survey unique is that it draws upon the collective wisdom of folks who are at the center of the mobile evolution". 

Source: Chetan Sharma Consulting

Question 11 was "Which solutions will gain the most traction for managing mobile data broadband consumption?" (see chart above) and the analysis says - "Managing data growth and margins drives all strategies at mobile operators these days which in turns drives the value chain. 4G, tiered pricing, and mobile offload continue to be the top solutions if one has the spectrum that is".

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