Sunday, January 8, 2012

Arieso: MNOs Need New Investment and New approaches to Manage Growing Data Demand

A recent study from Arieso  reveals "explosive growth in mobile data demand" and finds that "iPhone 4S users are the “hungriest” data consumers, demanding twice as much data as iPhone 4 users and three times as much as iPhone 3G users .. Google Nexus One users make twice as many data calls as iPhone 3G users .. The study found that different users and different devices exhibit very different demands on the network".

This can be explained by the new applications that are offered in the new models (such as Siri for the iPhone 4S - see "Siri, how much data do you gobble up in a month?" Ars investigates" - here), but probably because early adapters of new models are the savvier consumers. Arieso finds that "Just 1% of all users now consume HALF of the entire downlink data".
Dr. Michael Flanagan (pictured), CTO, Arieso, said: “.. The capacity crunch is still a very real threat for mobile operators, and it looks set to only get harder in 2012 .. The mobile industry needs new investment and new approaches to boost network performance and manage the customer experience”.

See what MNOs are expected to do -  "[Survey]: Which Solutions will Gain the Most Traction for Managing Mobile Data?" - here.

See "Arieso reveals latest trends in smartphone data use" - here.

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