Monday, January 2, 2012

Heavy Reading: Transparent Caching Helps Increasing Revenues, Carriers say

A new report by Aditya Kishore (pictured), Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading looks at the growing Over the Top video traffic, the changes it brings to internet access services, the challenges it introduces to network operators and the technologies available for them to manage it economically . 

The report finds that OTT drives the growth in internet traffic and is not going to slow down. The shift from P2P file sharing to HTTP (streaming) video, use of multiplatform delivery and other factors require a new approach for traffic management as a main challenge is to protect the subscriber's QoE.

The report focuses on CDN and Transparent Caching solutions for the challenge. For the latter, the report finds that some operators report revenue benefits from using transparent caching, rather than just opex cost savings, as well as customer satisfaction improvement and reduced churn. The improved QoE even drove customers to upgrade  their account to upper tiers. (AT&T, BT, Telefonica, Verizon are profiled in the report.

See "OTT Traffic Control: Technology Options for Network Operators" - here.

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