Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PCRF Deployments [116]: 3 Scandinavia Selects Aptilo for 3G and LTE Service Flexibility

Aptilo announced that its ".. Policy Manager solution has been selected by 3 Scandinavia as the core component for their 3G and LTE (4G) mobile broadband service delivery .. The system is designed to be flexible to allow 3 Scandinavia to add unique, dynamic service configurations that can be constantly modified according to the needs of their customers, with minimal cost and effort".

"The Aptilo Policy Manager is built on the new Aptilo Service Management Platform™ ALE architecture in which functionality is divided into three distinct layers: a management layer for configuration and monitoring, a control layer for protocol-level interactions with external systems and an execution layer for application logic processing". 

3 Scandinavia uses Procera's DPI (here). At August 2011, 3 had 2M subscribers in Denmark and Sweden.

See "3 Scandinavia Selects Aptilo Networks for 3G and LTE Service Delivery" - here.

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