Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sandvine CEO: "We are still the leader of the DPI market"; Shifting to Service Creation

Sandvine published its Q4 (Nov '11) and 2011 results (see "Sandvine Reports Q4 and Fiscal Year 2011 Results" - here). The numbers are flat (revenue of $20.6 million and a GAAP net loss of 3.6 million (non-GAAP1 loss of $2.8 million), but were expected due to early warning issued in early December.

During the quarterly conference call, Sandvine's CEO, Dave Caputo said that:
  • The DPI market is expected to continue to grow .. we are still the leader and largest player .. RFx activity is the largest ever
  • There is an opportunity in the US wireless market (said before - here)
  • Service creation will be more important than traffic optimization .. we had great success in offering application-aware tiered service in Latin America (see chart below from the company's Q4 presentation and a previous post - with the same chart! - here) ..we made a very big investment in developing these capabilities (3GPP interfaces/Diameter) .. vast majority of our R&D is spent on that 
  • The next big thing is for ISPs to offer many ways to buy bandwidth - family plans, bandwidth bought by a service provider (such as for M2M)

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