Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Elisa [Finland] Blocks Domains and IP Addresses of Pirate Bay

Elisa announced that " .. On 26 October 2011, the District Court of Helsinki ordered Elisa Corporation, under the penalty of a fine, to stop making copyright-infringing material publicly available through Pirate Bay. The court decision says that Elisa must remove the Pirate Bay service's domain names from Elisa's name servers and to block traffic to the IP addresses that the service uses .. Elisa will take the ordered action as of 9 January 2012 to Elisa and Saunalahti subscriptions. The blocking will not have an impact on other network traffic of Elisa's and Saunalahti customers"

Elisa's press release lists the blocked domains (e.g. thepiratebay.org, www.thepiratebay.org, depiraatbaai.be, www.depiraatbaai.be, piratebay.am, www.piratebay.am, piratebay.net, www.piratebay.net) and blocked IP addresses -,,

See "Temporary blocking of Pirate Bay introduced in Elisa's network 9 January 2012" here

Recently, a UK court issued a similar order to BT (here), and a bill ("SOPA") is proposed in the US for the same purpose (here). Ofcom, the UK regulator, said few months ago that "All site blocking techniques can be circumvented" - here.

At the end of Q3, 2011 Elisa had 4.1M mobile and 380K fixed broadband subscribers.

See also "Lightreading: Elisa is in RFP process for DPI/Policy Management" - here.

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