Thursday, January 5, 2012

Survey: Low-cost Legal Streaming Services can Displace Piracy; Support for ISP Blocking

A recent research done in the US by Joe Karaganis (pictured), The American Assembly, Columbia University, concludes that while "piracy is common - some 46% of adults have bought, copied, or downloaded unauthorized music, tv shows or movies", large-scale digital piracy is rare” and  “legal media services can displace piracy. of the 30% of Americans who have ‘pirated’ digital music files, 46% indicated that they now do so less because of the emergence of low-cost legal streaming services. Among tv/movie pirates, 40%".

In regards to the recent SOPA imitative (which may require the use of DPI - here and similar sanctions that already took place in the UK - here), the research found that in the US "Majorities of internet users support requirements that ISPs and search engines “block” infringing material (58% for ISPs; 53% for search engines) .. But this majority disappears when blocking by ISPs is characterized as censorship (46% support), falls further when associated with the blocking of legal content (36% support), and still further when it implies surveillance of internet use (26% support)".

See "Copyright Infringement and Enforcement in the US" - here.

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