Monday, January 9, 2012

F&S: Transparent caching market to Reach $708M by 2015; PeerApp Leads

A "momentum" press release by PeerApp ("PeerApp Adds to Market Leadership Position by Passing 200-Operator Milestone" - here) quotes Dan Rayburn (pictured), Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan recent study (Dec '11) ‘Global Transparent Caching Market".

The study ".. named PeerApp as the world's largest pure-play caching vendor .. PeerApp is rapidly growing in a very exciting market space .. Operator deployments of transparent caching solutions like PeerApp's will cause the market to grow from $140M in 2011 to $708M by 2015".

The chart below (from "F&S: Video Delivery, Caching and CDN Markets CAGR (2010-15): 40%" - here) shows F&S revenue forecast (May '11) for transparent cache AND video CDN.

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