Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PCC/VAS Announcements: Openet Updates Parental Control - Content, Usage and Spending

Openet announced a "a significant update to the Openet Parental Controls solution .. Available controls include: 
  • Activity monitoring and blocking for calls, texts and data usage 
  • Rule definition and enforcement for services and time of day 
  • Content filtering 
  • Usage limits 
  • Spending limits"
Openet told me that the solution updates include the following features, and they believe these are core differentiating features:              
  • It is a comprehensive solution that provides control across voice, text and data applications (many of today solutions just cover one of these areas) 
  • Parents can set rules and monitor activity in real-time from their smartphones as well as via PC 
  • The solution will work across multiple devices, controlled via a single account 
* Caveat: if the user is using Wi-Fi, it doesn’t go through the operator’s infrastructure so there is no control of data usage.

"Openet Parental Controls delivers a comprehensive and flexible solution based on four products from Openet's PCC Suite: Policy Manager, Profile Manager, Balance Manager and the Subscriber Engagement Engine [see " Openet Adds PCC Self-Care Facility" - here]. The ROI for this solution is shown to far surpass traditional offerings, which are complex and expensive at best, and ineffective point solutions at worst".

See "Openet Parental Controls Solution Mitigates Risks to Children Posed by Smart Devices" - here.

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