Monday, January 23, 2012

CRTC to Rogers: We Know what you are doing ..!

Back in October, the Canadian regulator, CRTC, asked Rogers, the cable operator, to fix its DPI system, as it confuses games with P2P file-sharing (see "CRTC to Rogers: Fix your DPI System!" - here).
This is not over yet, and the CRTC had to send another letter (here), this time by Andrea Rosen (pictured), Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer.

".. Based on the preliminary results of our ongoing investigation, Commission staff is of the belief that Rogers Communications Inc. (“Rogers”) applies a technical ITMP to unidentified traffic using default peer-to-peer (“P2P”) ports. On the basis of our evidence to date, any traffic from an unidentified time-sensitive application making use of P2P ports will be throttled resulting in noticeable degradation of such traffic .. Within two weeks, I look forward to you either presenting us with a rebuttal of our evidence or providing us with a plan to come into compliance with the Act".

From the "Summary of Evidence":

".. As Cisco is Rogers’ vendor, the Compliance and Enforcement Sector had and continues to have tests conducted against information from the website of Cisco Systems, Inc. (“Cisco”). Preliminary testing results indicate that unidentified traffic using default P2P ports, as identified in the Cisco SCA BB Protocol Reference Guide is throttled. Such results further indicate that:

  • default P2P ports for TCP traffic are subject to throttling, except port 6969, and
  • until December 20, 2011, all default P2P ports for UDP traffic were subject to throttling"

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