Thursday, January 5, 2012

NI Deployments [115]: Xplornet Communications [Canada] Uses Sandvine to measure QoE

Sandvine announced that ".. its Network Analytics product, featuring the Real-Time Entertainment Dashboard, has been selected by Xplornet Communications [formerly Barrett Xplore -  here] .. Xplornet has been deploying Canada’s first national 4G network, consisting of a fixed-wireless network on the ground and two 4G satellites in space. With Xplornet’s deployment of 4G technology, and the speed and bandwidth that it allows, the company needs an intelligence layer to measure quality of experience for their customers; especially for those using applications such as streaming video".

See "Sandvine’s Real-Time Entertainment Dashboard Leads The Way" - here.

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Sandvine's  Network Summary Dashboard

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