Thursday, February 23, 2012

Allot: Mobile VoIP/IM Grow by 114% During H2 2011

Allot Communications published its periodical mobile traffic report showing that "Mobile broadband traffic grew by 83% in the second half of the year with a CAGR of 234% during 2011".

VoIP and video streaming grow above the 83% average (114% and 88%, respectively) - another testimony to MNOs' revenues challenge (more on that - later today). Web browsing and file sharing showed a more modest growth (see chart).

Looking at the share of each application family in total traffic - video streaming leads with 42% share, file sharing is 26%, web browsing 24% and VoIP and IM are 5%.

Later today - how this effects MNOs revenues, what they should do and a related new product announcement.

See press release - "Allot MobileTrends Report H2, 2011 Shows VoIP and IM Traffic Grew by 114%" - here

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  1. Above classifying of global bandwidth is absolutely right diversification. Thank for sharing voip and IM application growth model