Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Announcements: Kindsight's Security Analytics and VAS platform

More on the growing DPI based analytics for security purposes market (see also yesterday's post on Solera Networks).

Kindsight (subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent; CEO is Basil Alwan, President of the Alcatel-Lucent IPDivision and Head of Portfolio Strategy for the Alcatel-Lucent Networks Group) announced ".. Kindsight Security Analytics, a new platform for service providers to analyze network traffic for malware and aggregate security statistics onto a single web-based dashboard. The new platform provides unparalleled insights into subscriber infections, enabling Internet service providers and mobile operators to reduce risk within the network and diminish the malicious consumption of network resources".

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Brendan Ziolo (pictured), VP, Marketing, said: "Our new platform provides huge benefits to Internet service providers and mobile operators by giving them real-time, actionable security insights which can reduce network risk and improve the overall service experience.  These service providers may also launch value-added security services using this same platform, which can alert subscribers and help them remove malware from their home networks or mobile devices"

".. Kindsight Security Analytics analyzes Internet traffic for malware and generates aggregated statistics. It is comprised of four key components: Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS-8800), Alert Reporting Cluster (ARC), Security Analytics Dashboard and Signature Update Service".

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